Develop Your
Short-Selling A-Game

How A Pro-Platform & Specialist Broker Can Make A Big Difference.

After gaining experience seeing stocks fall, often traders can turn to short-selling.They like the idea of trading stocks to the down side. Previously this privilege was only available to high-net-worth traders. Now, high-level professional shorting tools are available and affordable to everyone thanks to TradeZero. It's a great time to level up on shorting but a few tools are needed.

Day Traders Need Locates

New, short-selling day traders may get excited, ready to take a trade, only to find at the last minute their broker has no locates. If a broker doesn't specifically specialize in locates, this is likely a problem possibly faced even daily. To access the best premium locates daily day traders often need a specialized, short-selling broker.

Awarded Brokerage

TradeZero has consecutively won the Benzinga Global Fintech Award for Best Brokerage for Short Selling in 2020 and 2021. This is thanks not only to the platform's ease of use, but because of the one-of-a-kind locate technology it uses. Set up an account now and see the difference.

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Credit Locates Back

After the trader has located stocks, placed a trade or decided they've finished using them, they can mark the locates for credit. This allows someone else to buy them from, reducing a trader's costs upon recycling the shares. This patent pending innovation is currently only available with TradeZero. Set up an account now.

Pro Traders
Require Pro Tools

ZeroPro offers a world-class platform, providing the speed and features required for professional trading at an affordable price, including: dynamic streaming quotes, charting and level 2. ZeroFree or ZeroMobile, for trading on the go, are offered as free additional options.

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Now Let's Study

After creating a trading account, continue building your knowledge account. Developing that ‘A-game' takes screen time. Start with some free educational videos on shorting

Make red the new green

Red in the markets does not have to mean red for your account balance.

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