Introducing the Ability toMark Locates for Credit

For the first time, TradeZero clients will now have the additional benefit and advantage of being able to sell back short locates that are no longer needed. This patent pending innovation will help to recoup some of the initial locate cost in the following scenarios and more:

  • Finished Trading For The Day
  • Decided Not To Use The Locates
  • Partially Used Locates

How It Works?

During the trading day, if you have locates you no longer want or need, you can mark all or a portion of your locate shares for credit by pressing the 'Credit' button next to each located symbol's quantity. By marking your locate shares for credit you will make the locate shares available on a first come first serve basis to other TradeZero clients looking for locates in the same security. If and when TradeZero can reallocate your locates to another TradeZero client, you can recoup a portion of your initial locate cost.*

Any locates that you mark for credit are automatically and instantly placed in a locked state, preventing you from initiating a new short position with those locates.

What's New in the TradeZero Locator

Watch List

The watchlist allows users to create a dynamically updating list of symbols for locating.


Traders can see locates per symbol that're both available & unavailable. Mark a locate for Credit.

Open Orders

The Locate Open Orders window provides traders with all existing open locate orders.

Who has Access

All TradeZero account holders that are approved for margin trading have access to the new stock locator service.

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* Marking your locates for credit does not guarantee payment. You will only recoup a portion of your locate costs if TradeZero can allocate your marked for credit locates to another TradeZero client. Prices paid for locates vary by security.